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Skins With Pink Tones

Chimera’s Skins: Skins With Pink Tones

Women’s Skins for Second Life

These skins are delicate and fair, touched lightly with a pink hue.  I have created four skins . . .



Callie has a skin tone of #1 on our skin color chart. This is our lightest, most ethereal skin tone with a gentle whisper of pink.

For more information on Callie, here’s the link right to Second Life Marketplace.




Cassie has a skin tone of #2 on skin tone color chart. She is light skinned, soft and tender – and so, so lovely in pink.

For more information on Cassie, here’s the link right to Second Life Marketplace.




Caylee has a skin tone of #3 on the skin tone chart. Her skin tone is almost mid-range, but not quite. It’s still on the light end of things. She almost seems to give off a soft pink glow.

For more information on Caylee, here’s the link right to Second Life Marketplace.




Celia has a skin tone of #4, a mid range tone on skin tone chart. It’s one our personal favorite skin tones: beautiful and radiant with a slight blush of pink.

For more information on Celia, here’s the link right to Second Life Marketplace.



Information on all four skins above . . .

These special skins are a part of our famous line of high quality Second Life skins. All the quality and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from Chimera’s skins are there.

The skins are the result of months of painstaking work using a technique which involves a series of specially lighted photographs overlaid as a texture on the surface of the avatar. The result is a realistic skin that is stunning in appearance.

One of the things that you’ll first notice on the skin is the chest. You know … that very special and soft part of women’s body: her breasts. Take a peek and you’ll see that they are astonishingly natural.

The pelvic area is very difficult for Second Life designers since this area is the confluence of a series of polygons which gives the avatar its three dimensional form. The resolution in this area is almost nil. But despite the technical limitations, you’ll find that our skins have one of the best representations of woman’s nether regions that you’ll find in Second Life.

Are you hearing the rousing sounds of Beethoven’s final movement of his Ninth Symphony! Oh the joy!

There’s even more to be joyful about. With each package, you get four (4) skins. Each with a different pubic hair style:
– Shaved
– Land Strip
– Bikini
– Full

Included is a make-up package with nine (9) different make-up options. The make-up is modifiable and is matched to the skin tone. The options include:
– Blue
– Green
– Lavender
– Rose
– Smoky
– Natural
– Midnight Mystery
– Desert Rose
– Dreamy Violet
– Delirious Blue

You also get eleven (11) modifiable shapes:
– Adorably Petit
– Small: Heart Shaped Face
– Small: Oval Shaped Face
– Small: Square Face
– Classic and Proportional: Square Face
– Classic and Proportional: Heart Shaped Face
– Classic and Proportional: Oval Shaped Face
– Fit and Athletic
– Heavenly Pear
– Lusciously Full & Curvy
– Big, Strong & Beautiful

You get four (4) beautiful eyelashes. The eyelashes are modifiable. They have been pre-located for the included shapes and are ready to wear:

– Natural Flare
– Dot Tipped
– Full & Fluffy
– Glamour Flare




In the package are three (3) eyebrows in two (2) different shades. The eyebrows are modifiable. Also included is an Eyebrow Concealer which allows you to wear different styles of eyebrows without purchasing another skin. The included eyebrows are:
– Thin
– Normal
– Medium Thick

And you get twelve (12) eye colors:
– Light Brown
– Medium Brown
– Light Brown
– Baby Blue
– Super Light Blue
– Blue
– Midnight Blue
– Hazel
– Light Emerald
– Deep Emerald
– Bright Green
– Violet
– Sienna

Wow . . it’s a complete package for an unbelievable price.

Note that Second Life female skin demos are available at Chimera’s store or via On-line Delivery.

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