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Chimera’s Skins: Other Skins from the Basic Ten

Women’s Skins for Second Life

The illustration, below, shows the skins from the “Basic Ten”

Ardella – Amara – Athena – Addie and Ada are all covered elsewhere. Here are the links:

Ardella: My Website   OR  Second Life    |   Amara: My Website   OR   Second Life

Athena: My Website   OR   Second Life  |  Addie: My Website    OR   Second Life

Ada: My Website   OR   Second Life


The following is about Alvina, Asteria, Ara, Adora and Anja . . .


Alvina has light and fair skin tone.  It’s almost porcelain with a tiny bit of warmth. Measured on our skin tone scale it’s a # 2.

For more information on Alvina, here’s the link right to Second Life Marketplace.




Asteria has a deep warm, golden tone.  Her skin tone is a # 6 on the ten scale

For more information on Asteria, here’s the link right to Second Life Marketplace.




Ara has brown tone with with dash of gold.  Her skin tone is a # 8 on the ten scale.

For more information on Ara, here’s the link right to Second Life Marketplace.




Adora has a deep brown skin tone.  There is only one more level of brown after Adora.  Her skin is a # 9 on the ten scale.

For more information on Adora, here’s the link right to Second Life Marketplace.




Anja is richest, deep brown skin tone.  Her skin is a # 10 on the ten scale

For more information on Anja, here’s the link right to Second Life Marketplace.


The following description covers all five skins above . . .

The skins are the result of months of painstaking work using a technique which involves a series of specially lighted photographs overlaid as a texture on the surface of the avatar. The result is a realistic skin that is stunning in appearance. Did we say stunning? Oh my. Are they ever!

One of the things that you’ll first notice on the skin is the chest. You know … that very special and soft part of women’s body: her breasts. Take a peek and you’ll see that they are astonishingly natural. From all angles, and up and down, over and around, they look like a woman’s breasts should look. Thank goodness. No more cartoon substitutes. You’ll feel like the real you!

The pelvic area is very difficult for Second Life designers since this area is the confluence of a series of polygons which gives the avatar its three dimensional form. The resolution in this area is almost nil. But despite the technical limitations, you’ll find that our skins have one of the best representations of woman’s nether regions that you’ll find in Second Life. It doesn’t look dry, cracked and parched like some skins. It is refreshingly natural.

Are you hearing the rousing sounds of Beethoven’s final movement of his Ninth Symphony! We sure did when we first slipped into this skin. Oh the joy!

Included in the package are thirty (30) skins. Yes! 30 skins.

The skins are ready-to-wear and include ten (10) make-up styles including: Lavender, Rose, Blue, Green, Smoky, Midnight Mystery, Passionate Rose, Dreamy Violet and Delirious Rose. The tenth style is a “Natural” option which allows you to use the skin with a variety of make-up packages.

The make-up can be worn as is, but it is also modifiable, allowing you to tweak the shades to your liking.

The skins include four (4) pubic hair styles:
– Shaved
– Land Strip
– Bikini
– Full

You also get eleven (11) modifiable shapes:
– Adorably Petit
– Small: Heart Shaped Face
– Small: Oval Shaped Face
– Small: Square Face
– Classic and Proportional: Square Face
– Classic and Proportional: Heart Shaped Face
– Classic and Proportional: Oval Shaped Face
– Fit and Athletic
– Heavenly Pear
– Lusciously Full & Curvy
– Big, Strong & Beautiful

You get four (4) beautiful eyelashes. The eyelashes are modifiable. They have been pre-located for the included shapes and are ready to wear:

– Natural Flare
– Dot Tipped
– Full & Fluffy
– Glamour Flare

In the package are three (3) eyebrows in two (2) different shades. The eyebrows are modifiable. Also included is an Eyebrow Concealer which allows you to wear different styles of eyebrows without purchasing another skin. The included eyebrows are:
– Thin
– Normal
– Medium Thick

And you get twelve (12) eye colors:
– Light Brown
– Medium Brown
– Light Brown
– Baby Blue
– Super Light Blue
– Blue
– Midnight Blue
– Hazel
– Light Emerald
– Deep Emerald
– Bright Green
– Violet
– Sienna

Note that Second Life female skin demos are available at Chimera’s store or via On-line Delivery.v

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