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Chimera’s Casual Professional Collection

Casual Professional Collection – Women’s Business Wear For Second Life

You’ve put in your 8 or 10 or 12 hours at the office.  You’ve worked through a pile of paperwork.  You’ve kept the boys in line.  Now…it’s time to throw off your shoes, loosen your tie, and have a little fun!

This is the outfit to wear after hours when gathering with friends – or just hanging out.

More information below.  (For additional details or to purchase, click here: SL Marketplace)

This collection is one part of what is called the “A Woman of Substance” series, Second Life’s most extensive collection of professional and business wear for women.

In this package, you get real value for your lindens.  Take a look at the goodies:

  • Five (5) nicely tailored suit jackets in different colors.  These suits are beautiful and classy and have the look of good taste written all over them.
  • For each of the suits, the package includes a matching flexi-prim skirt.  Each skirt comes in three (3) Lengths: Knee, Mid-thigh and Short.  Glitch pants are included for each skirt.
  • Also included are button down shirts in a variety of colors (including black) and in two (2) Styles: one button or two buttons undone.
  • Along with the shirts are matching sculpted collars & cuffs.  It’s not necessary to use them.  The shirts are designed so that they can be worn with or without the sculpted pieces.  If you use them, two choices are available: Sculpted Collar Points and Sculpted Full Collars.  Depending on your avatar sizing, you may find that the Collar Points achieve the sort of look that you like.  The shirt has been designed so that if you use the Collar Points, the shirt shows naturally above the jacket in the area behind the neck.  Also available for your use is the Full Collar which extends all the way around the back of the neck.  If the collar fits properly and it looks natural, this may be a good option.   Details on how use the sculpted pieces are found in the package.
  • Finally, black sheer panty hose is included. It looks wonderful under all the skirts

You also get all of the colors shown in the illustration.  But you are not limited to the those colors.  You can make your colors as well.  A notecard is included on how to change the color of your items.

Another reason that make this a wise purchase is that ALL items are COPY AND MODIFY.

If you’re a Second Life shopper, you’ll know what a good deal this is.  You simply don’t find at prices like this for high quality, complete packages that are Copy and Modify.

Chimera, the designer, is known for her attention to detail and superior workmanship.  You can also count on both value and quality when you purchase one of Chimera’s designs

For additional details or to purchase, click here: SL Marketplace Listing

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