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Elegance Heels: Complete Set of 28 Shoes

Elegance Heels for Second Life

Complete Set of 28 Shoes

Beautifully crafted and sculpted. The classic high heel for every woman’s wardrobe. Complete set of 28 colors! Plus you can add colors. A match for every outfit in your inventory. All for an unbelievable price.

More Information Below.  For additional details or to purchase, click here: SL Marketplace

If you look very closely at the Elegance Heel, you’ll see nothing but meticulous design work and top quality throughout. Lovingly created, elegant and beautiful, they show your good taste.

If you’re like me, you like to have a close match between your shoes and your clothing. This complete set of 28 different colors makes that possible. Moreover, since Elegance Heels are modifiable, it is also possible for you to tweak the colors even more.

Yes, that’s right. All of the heels in the set are modifiable – and you can copy them. In fact, in my store, all clothing, jewelry and shoes are that way. You’ll find real value.

Clothing experts and long-time Second Lifers, count these heels among the best.

For additional details or to purchase, click here: SL Marketplace Listing

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