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Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts for Second Life

(21 Pairs of Stylish Short – 3 Different Rise Options – Loads and Loads of Colors)

In this package, you will receive 21 pairs of denim shorts! Twenty one!

And these aren’t any ordinary Second Life shorts. These are fashionable, stylish and polished. They are intended to make you look nice – when you want to look nice.

More Information Below.  For additional details or to purchase, click here: SL Marketplace

You also get three rise versions: standard, hip hugging and ultra low. Pick the rise that you’re most comfortable with.

Included also is a gray template of each style which allows you to make any color that you desire.

ALL items included are COPY AND MODIFY. That means you can make size adjustments and use them with as many outfits as you desire.

Wait . . . let’s look some more at details. You’ll notice that the seams match (yes!), and underneath in the crotch area, you won’t find any those jagged edges that stick out.

Chimera, the designer, is known for her attention to detail and superior workmanship. You can also count on both value and quality when you purchase one of Chimera’s designs

For additional details or to purchase, click here: SL Marketplace Listing

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