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Mesh Party Dresses for Women

Mesh Party Dresses!

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Wow!  What a great package!  These beautiful dresses are all mesh.  They move and flow with you.


More Information Below.  For additional details or to purchase, click here: SL Marketplace

Most Second Life merchants give you just one style in a mesh package.  In this package, however, you get four (4) different styles as shown in the picture.  All that for the price of one dress!

But that’s not all.  Let me quickly summarize:

  • As mentioned above you get four (4) different dress styles but you are not limited to those.
  • All dress meshes are modifiable.  That means you can change colors or add your own textures.
  • Each of the four styles comes in the five standard Second Life sizes plus one additional size.
  • An extra set of template dresses are included which you can use for your own coloring or texturing.
  • A demo package is available for you to try out the dresses.

Let me provide some details . . .

Most Second Life merchants won’t allow you to modify mesh items.  I strongly believe, however,  that you should be able to make modifications of your clothing.  After all, you paid for it.  So everything is modifiable.  You can change the colors – or even the textures of the dresses!

That means with this one package, you can make as many dresses as you like.

If you’d like to change the color of the dress to a pretty blue, you can.  If you have a nice pattern among your Second Life textures, you can use it.  I even include the all-important UV Map.  A UV Map allows you to add a texture to your dress in a graphics program outside of Second Life.  Of course you don’t have to use it, but it’s there if you need it.

Each of the four styles are provided in the five standardized sizes.  In addition to those, I provide an extra set of dresses.  You can use the extra set for creating your own colors and patterns.

There’s even more.   I’ve also included a sixth size for all of the dresses.  This is the so-called “default” size which Second Life intends to use for a new feature that will automatically fit clothing meshes to your avatar.  That means that you’ll be fully prepared and ready for the new feature when it is released.

I stand behind my work. If you are not satisfied, just drop me a line in-world. I will take care of it. I promise – and I mean that sincerely.

For additional details or to purchase, click here: SL Marketplace



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