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Sports Bra Package

This is the sports bra collection to end all collections! It’s big. It’s huge. It’s gigantic! It’s full of options and varieties.

You get two neckline styles: V shaped and traditional sports bra neckline. And here is the kicker. You get six back styles.

Here are the back styles:

– Traditional Racerback
– Low-cut Racerback
– Wide Strap
– Cami back
– Wishbone back
– Criss-cross

In all, you’ll find 12 different bra styles in this package!

Plus, you get a mid-calf, black tights.

Why wear a sports bra? For one, they say something about you. Sports bras tell the world that you are an active and engaged person . . . that you live life fully. Moreover, what’s so nice about sports bras is that you don’t have to keep it a secret. Sports bras are not meant to be hidden underneath clothes. They are meant to be seen. Wear them for fun, fitness and fashion. Live what you love!

In addition to all the different types of sports bras included in this package, you get a multitude of colors. Like most of my clothing items, you aren’t limited to those. You can alter the color of any bra to the exactly the tone and hue that you desire.

This isn’t any ordinary Second Life sports bra. If you look carefully, you’ll see that that I’ve put a lot of loving care into it. Details are important, and I spend many hours of time making sure that every last detail is done right.

Check it out: Second Life Marketplace

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