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Cosmopolitan Thong

The Cosmopolitan Thong is elegant, refined, urbane, and well, it’s cosmopolitan! It has a classic cut never gets old. And, oh yes, it has a sexy sophistication written all over it.

One of the nice things with this sort of thong shape is that it looks so fine by under many kinds of lingerie – or just by itself.

In this package, you will receive the following items:

– Cosmopolitan Thong Set which includes

– Three (3) Different Sizes: Small, Medium & Full

– Each size has 6 included colors (and a couple extra for fun)

– A total of 20 thongs are included.

ALL included items are copy and modify.

Since the thongs are modifiable, you can also use the white thong to make any color you want.

You’ll find it at: Second Life Marketplace

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