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Boyshorts with Fun Designs

We can’t let the guys have all the fun, and boyshorts (women’s jockeyshorts) is just answer. It’s a traditional men’s jockeyshort design with a feminine touch. The fun part is all the playful designs that come with this package.

Included are:

– Scull and Cross-bones
– Camouflage
– Circle Design
– Tie Dye
– Purple Plaid
– Red Plaid
– Roses
– Checker Board
– White Leopard
– Flowers on Blue

ALL included items are copy and modify.

Since you can modify all of the items, it possible to tweak the colors.

This isn’t any ordinary Second Life underwear. If you look carefully, you’ll see that that I’ve put a lot of loving care into it. Details are important, and I spend many hours of time making sure that every last detail is done right.

You’ll find them at: Second Life Marketplace

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