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Back Seamed Fishnet Panty Hose

Keep your legs will sizzle in back seamed fishnet panty hose.

Here’s what you get in this package:

– Regular Fishnet Hose. Included are two different sizes: small and medium fishnet. Also include are two seam styles: with and without side seams

– Dotted Fishnet Hose. This is a lovely fishnet style with small dots. It’s one of the nicest styles in Second Life. Included are three different sizes: small, medium and large. Also included are two seam styles: with and without.

– Honeycomb Pattern. This fishnet style is nice a change from the diamond pattern and gives provides you with yet another addition to your intimate wardrobe. Three different sizes are included: very small, small and medium.

– Rose Pattern. There’s nothing like the rose pattern to provide that touch of femininity. Two sizes are included: medium and large.

The hose comes in two layers:

– Underpants Layer. This is the most common placement area for hosiery.

– Pants Layer. Some times it’s nice to have an alternative placement location and this provides that alternative.

ALL included items are copy and modify.

Check it out at the Second Life Marketplace

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