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Fishnet Panty Hose Package

Yes. It is. It’s Fishnet Panty Hose! The perfect accessory for a wild night out in Second Life!

Included in the package are four fishnet styles: plain fishnet and dotted fishnet in small, medium and large patterns. Each of the four styles is available with or without an integrated panty.

You get all of the colors shown, plus you can adjust colors or add new ones.

I want to point out that in any patterned panty hose, there is a disturbance in upper crotch area. That’s not because of the design, but it’s because of limitations of the Second Life avatar. That’s a location where all the polygons which make up the avatar come together.

The disturbance, however, is not visible under mini skirts, unless they are super short. If you will be wearing very short micros, then I suggest Fishnet Hosery Collection which has mid thigh and thigh high stockings that fall below the disturbance area. I wanted you to know this so that you get the just the right stockings for your needs.

But take a look. These panty hoses are sexy. Oh my. Are they sexy! Believe me. You’ll be looking hot . . . and feeling cool.

If you take a close look, you’ll see that that I’ve put a lot of loving care into making these. Details are important, and I spend many hours of time making sure that every last detail is done right.

Check it out at the Second Life Marketplace

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