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Fishnet Hosiery Collection

Ah-mazing! A huge package of different styles, sizes and colors of fishnet stockings.

Get ready to turn heads and crank up the heat in these sexy fishnet stockings! There is something here for every occasion.

Included are six different styles: large and medium patterned fence net, standard size fishnet hosery, dotted fishnet stockings with diamonds, thin and light style fishnets in two sizes.

All of the styles come in two sizes: mid thigh and thigh top. You get all of the colors shown in the illustration, plus you can adjust the color of the stockings to get a perfect match with your outfits.

Can you believe it? You can dance, strut, play or even fly, and, yes, these fishnet stockings will stay in place! Oh, of course, you knew that. This is Second Life.

But it’s all about fun isn’t it, and with these stocking, you’ll be having major fun!

Pick them up at Second Life Marketplace

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