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Patterned Suspender Hose

What does wearing a hose like this say about you? Perhaps . . .a little bit of innocence . . . and a whole lot of mayhem!

This is a hose that has fun (and mischief) written all over them. Slip into one of these and a big smile will come to your face.

Here’s what you get in the package:

Four (4) styles of Patterned Suspender Hoses, including

– Stripes
– Knit
– Two types of fishnet: small and medium net sizes (this is the cute fishnet with dots).

Also included is black panties.

ALL included items (except for the panties) are copy and modify.

Since the hoses are modifiable, you can tweak or adjust the color tone so they are just right. Instructions are included.

You can make as many colors as you desire. From this one purchase you can make dozens of different colored body stockings! It’s quite a bargain. You get real value from your purchase.

Check them out at the Second Life Marketplace

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