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~Second Life Cool Things

Second Life Cool Things

In this section of my website, I want to point you to some cool things happening in Second Life

Maternity – Health Clinic

For the ladies.   One of the fun things you can do in Second Life is get pregnant and have babies without having to go through the physical transformation in real life.  It’s a virtual pregnancy!  You can have fun living the life of a mother (or father) in Second Life – minus the 24-hour responsibilities (and sleep deprivation!).

Of course, just like in real life, you’ll want to make sure your Second Life pregnancy is a good one and that your baby is healthy and well taken care of.  There is a special place you can go to make sure you are doing everything right and that’s the new Maternity Health Center.

It was created by and is staffed by individuals that are nurses in real life!  You must stop by.  Here’s a link to their website:  Maternity – Health Clinic

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