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Natalia’s Tutorials

Natalia Zelmanov’s Tutorials

If you reached this page from “Making Second Life Clothing,” you’ve already had an introduction to Natalia.  But if you reached this page from Google search, I want to make sure you know about this amazing woman.   Zelmanov is not a character from a Tolstoy novel.  Natalia (her Second Life avatar name) is one of the most generous and giving persons (real or imagined) that has ambled this great green earth.  She did have a store in Second Life (which is gone now), but nevertheless, she freely provided information on how she made the wonderful designs in her shop.  She’s also witty – and good at writing in an understandable way.

I’m providing a series of links to her tutorials.  In return, I used to encourage everyone to patronize her store, but unfortunately that is no longer possible.

Do let me say this about Natalie:  the tutorials that she put together took hours and hours of time, and she provided a great service to the Second Life community – and for that she deserves our sincere thanks and gratitude.

Natalie’s blog is also gone.  If you do a search, you won’t find it.  But…good news!  The Wayback Machine ( has kept an archive of her pages.  The links, below, are from the Wayback Machine’s archive.  Many thanks to the fine people at Wayback for providing this information.

  • Creating Clothes – Part II (How to make a little black dress) Note: that Photoshop Users will want to also read Natalia’s follow-up tutorial on the use of PNG files.  PNG files, as you’ll find, are easier to work with.  Don’t have Photoshop?  There’s a free option.  It’s called GIMP.  Natalia, bless her heart, even includes a tutorial on GIMP on how to make the little black dress.
  • Introduction to Flexi-prims. I’m sure you’ve notice skirts that flex and move with the wearer – and even fly up with the wind (think of Marilyn Monroe over the exhaust vent).  Oh, there she is!
  • Making a Flexi-prim Skirt – Part I.  This tutorial will get you started on making a flexi-prim skirt that blows in the wind like Marilyn’s.  It uses a free tool which places flexible prims in a circular pattern, the pattern needed for a skirt.  It was developed by Ged Larsen.  Ged is another one we need to support.  He offers both a free and pay-for version of the tool.  Buy it, when you can afford it.  Like Natalia, it is way of saying “thanks be to Ged!”
  • Making a Flex-prim Skirt – Part II – Part I, above, gets you started, but the real meat of making a flexi-prim skirt is in the second part.  Guys . . . you can make a kilt – a real macho kilt.  And the inevitable question: what’s under the kilt?  In Second Life, it’s easy.  Glitch pants, of course!   Those are pants (or shorts) which you wear under the skirt or kilt which are the same color and design as the skirt.  When you finish your first skirt or kilt.  Put it on, and believe me, you’ll be singing the hallelujah chorus!
  • Making Shoes – Part I – Once again Natalia has done the Second Life community a great service.  Other than Natalia, there’s no place on the Internet where you can find good information on making prim shoes for Second Life.  This is the first of five parts on shoe making.  In the first part, you’ll make a pair of flat sandals.
  • Making Shoes – Part III – This takes the heels (made in Part II) one step farther: adding texture and an animation override.
  • Making Shoes – Part IV –  And one more step with the  heels.  In this part, you’ll add ankle straps.  You can also add bling, but, to tell you the truth, I suggest that you leave that feature out.  Natalia wrote that tutorial some time ago.  Since then lag has become an increasing problem in Second Life, and many Second Lifers find bling annoying.
  • Making Jewelry – Part I.  Natalia hasn’t left out the essential accessory of adornment.  Included among the tutorials are four on jewelry making.  Once again, Ged Larsen comes to the aid of second life creators with a tools for assembling the small prims of necklaces.  Natalia explains the tool’s use in this first tutorial on making a pearl necklace.
  • Making Jewelry – Part III.  The more you get into jewelry, the more importance tiny prims take on.  This discusses how to create tiny prims – and you’ll make a set of earrings.

I wanted to hit some of the tutorials that were very helpful to me, but there are more.  A list of all of Natalia’s tutorials can be found on this page:  Techniques & Tutorials (Note: in order to use the links, you’ll need to look up the archived location in The Wayback Machine (

Remember to be sure to stop by Natalia’s store.  She really deserves our support.

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