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Second Life Mesh & Sculpt Resources

SL Mesh: Blender Tutorials

Interested in making mesh or sculpts for Second Life?

To make mesh or sculpts, you’ll need either a 3D software program or you’ll need one of the sculpting or tools that Second Life residents have created.

Among Second Life creators, Blender, the open source 3D program is probably the most popular because it’s free and powerful.

It’s also not the easiest program in the world to learn, though with the proper tutorial and a bit of time, it’s certainly very doable.  And, additionally, Blender provides a great range of features and great versatility if you need to get into greater depth while making mesh.

When I was first learning about creating mesh in Blender, I found an on-line tutorial and began working through it.  The tutorial was fairly high on the Google search and I figured it would be the best place to start.

Was I ever wrong!  After struggling with the tutorial for almost a full week, I finally called a halt.  Getting back on-line, I spent more time searching for tutorials, weeding out the ones that weren’t helpful.   Even though the tutorial that I was using shows high on Google’s list, I found that it was way, way old.

There is a much easier way to learn how to use Blender to make Second Life mesh, and to save you some trouble, let me point you the right direction.


This is nirvana when it comes to Second Life mesh tools.  The Machinimatrix site has a series of incredibly well-done videos on using Blender.  They offer an inexpensive add-on to Blender which eases the process of moving models from Blender to Second Life.  There isn’t much on their website or blog which describes the personalities behind the videos, but one thing is certain.   When it comes to Second Life mesh – and video production – they know their stuff.

Machinimatrix videos and other information are found here:  Machinimatrix Blender Videos

Robyn Huffaker’s Site

Another set of up-to-date, series of tutorials is by Robyn Huffaker.  Robyn goes by the avatar name of  Murgatroyd Zauberflote (Murgy for short).   She’s intelligent, articulate, and independent.  Here’s what she’s says about herself:  “I’m a woman in real life, but on SL I’m usually seen as a male avatar, mostly because I find it more fun to be a crabby old sailor than a pretty princess.  (female crabby sailor you say? Ich.  I don’t like that image at ALL.)”

Robyn’s tutorials are found her:  Robyn Huffaker’s Sculpt Tutorials


Other Resources

If Blender is not your cup of tea, there are other possibilities.  The Second Life Wiki divides the choices up into two categories:

3D Modeling Software.  These are separate, stand-alone programs that range in price from free to hugely expensive.  The free, open source Blender program is included in this category.

Resident Created Tools:  These tools allow you to sculpt right in Second Life.  Additionally, previewers are also available which allow you to view a sculpt.

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