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Second Life Vendor to Share Revenues With a Partner

How to Set-up a Vendor to Sell Your SL Creations and . . .

Share Revenues With Partner


This is a step by step procedure to make a Second Life vendor poster which allows you to share the proceeds with a partner.

To go along with this, I have a free kit.  In the free kit, you’ll find a sample vendor poster with a special script, and it’s a just a matter of making a few changes and you’ll be ready to go.

(If you’d rather not use the kit, I do have a free script and good explanation of how to use it.  From the script, you can build your own vendor. The script is found here:  Partner Sharing Script.

The free package is available at my store.  I only ask for one small favor.  While you are at my store, I would be grateful if you added the store to your “Picks.”  (If you’ve never added a store to your picks, here how to do it in two illustrations:  Adding a Pick )

To obtain the kit go to my store in Second Life. Look for the following display:

Once you obtain the kit, here’s what you need to do:

1. FIND OUT YOUR PARTNER’s UUID key.  UUID is a unique number which identifies every avatar in Second Life.  You’ll use it to pay your partner their share when something is sold.  To obtain your partner’s, rez the “Determine UUID Key” box found in the free package.  (If you haven’t rezzed before, there’s more information below.)  Have your partner touch it.  The UUID key will appear in chat.  Copy it to the clipboard or save it otherwise.  You’ll use it shortly as described below.

Note: before using the UUID, particularly if it has been given to you, it’s a good idea to make sure it is valid.  You can do that by using this script:  Avatar UUID Check

2. PREPARE AN IMAGE OF THE PRODUCT.  Use a graphic program and prepare an image of the item that you want to sell.  Upload the image to Second Life by selecting Build >> Upload Image from the Menu on top of the screen. (In the older Viewer, uploading was found under the File Menu).

3. REZ THE SAMPLE VENDOR POSTER.  Look in your inventory for the “Free Vendor Kit – Split Income” and you’ll find “Sample Vendor Poster.”  Go to a sandbox or someplace where you can “rez” objects.  (Rez means dragging them out of your inventory to land).  So do that now.  Rez the Sample Vendor Poster on the ground so you can see it.

4. ADD YOUR PRODUCT’S IMAGE TO THE SAMPLE VENDOR POSTER. Add the image of the item that you are selling to Sample Vendor Poster.  Haven’t done that before?  To add an image, right click on the Sample Vendor Poster and select “Edit.”  Then from the dialog box that appears, click on the “Texture” tab.  The click in the “Texture” window and from the list appears select the image file that you created with your item.

5. REZ A BOX AND PLACE ITEMS TO BE SOLD IN BOX.  Now you want to make a box and place the item or items being sold in the box.  Haven’t done that before?  To rez a box, right click on the ground and select “Build.”  A little wand will appear.  Click on the ground and a box will appear.  Right click on the box and select the “Contents” tab.  Drag the items from your inventory that you want to sell and place them into “Contents.”

6. NAME THE BOX.  After you have the items you want to sell in the box, let’s give the box a name.  Select the “General” tab and assign a name to the box.  The assigned name will become the name of the folder that will end up in your customer’s inventory.

7. “TAKE” THE BOX INTO YOUR INVENTORY.  Right click on the box, and select “Take” to place the box in your inventory.

8. DRAG THE BOX FROM INVENTORY TO THE VENDOR POSTER.  Now drag the box out of your inventory and place it in “Contents” of the Sample Vendor Poster.

9. GIVE THE SAMPLE VENDOR POSTER A NAME. Right click on the Vendor Poster and look under the GENERAL tab.  Change the name to something that describes the product that you are selling.

10. INDICATE THE PRICE OF THE ITEM IN “DESCRIPTION.”  Stay in the “GENERAL” tab.  Just under “Name,” you’ll see “Description.”  This is where you indicate the price of the item for purposes of the script.  The script obtains the price of the item from the Vendor Sign’s “Description.”  So you need to change the description.  That’s important

Here’s an example of how you want the DESCRIPTION to read:

100$ Men’s Plaid Boxer Shorts

The script will read the price from the DESCRIPTION, as long as you have formatted it as follows: “Price$ Name-of-Item”.  The dollar sign ($)must be there for the script to work properly.  Note that the Name-of-Item which follows Price$ is not important to the script.  That part of the description can be anything that you. What’s important is Price$.

11. ENTER YOUR PARTNER’S UUID KEY IN THE SCRIPT.  In addition to indicating the price in the description, you need to enter two values into the script.

To open the script, click on the “Contents” tab of the Sample Vendor Poster.  Double click on the script to open it.  Look at text within the script and you’ll see a place to enter your partner’s UUID key.  Paste in the UUID key.

12. ENTER YOUR PARTNER’S PERCENTAGE.  You need to enter the percentage of the total that you are paying your partner.  The default percentage is 50%.  You can make this whatever you and your partner have mutually agreed upon.  Enter the value as a decimal.  For example, if you are paying your partner 40%, enter the value as .40

13. Okay that’s it.  You are ready to hang up your vendor poster and start selling items.


Note: If you need to set-up a regular vendor.  In other words, one in which you don’t share revenues with a partner, you’ll find more information here:  Regular Vendor

Other Vendor Kits:


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