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Vendor Script – Demo or Purchase

If you are selling items in Second Life, you’ll need something called a “vendor.”  A vendor is what receives the money from the customer, deposits it in your account, and gives the customer the item you are selling.

I like to refer to a vendor as a “vendor poster.”  That’s what it is.  It’s a poster with an image of the item that you are selling.  When a customer clicks on the poster, it activates a script which handles the process of selling the item.

The script found here is used for a special type of vendor poster.  It sells the item, but, if the customer would like to try out the item before purchasing, it also provides them with a demo.

I used to create vendor posters with two prims – one for selling the item and the other for providing a demo.  But that ends up wasting prims.   The advantage of this script is that only requires one prim.

This script was originally coded by an individual who made it freely available to the Second Life community.  Unfortunately, he or she did not list themselves as the author.  If you know who the original coder is, please notify me.  I’d love to make sure appropriate credit is given to them.  Meanwhile, we can be thankful for the many people in Second Life who generously give of their time and labor for the benefit of all of us.

This is what the script does:

1. When the customer left clicks, this script provides them with a free DEMO

2. When the customer right clicks, they have the option of selecting “PAY” to  purchase the Item

This is what you need to do:

 1. Using a “box” prim, flatten it out and make a poster. I’ll call this the “Vendor Poster.” Add a texture which illustrates your product. To the contents of the poster, add this script plus your product and the demo of your product.

 2. Look in the “Contents” of the vendor poster, right-click on this script and select OPEN. You’ll make a couple of modifications. Look for “Enter the price of Your Item” (below) Change xxx to the amount you are charging for the product.

3.  You’ll also need to enter the name of the item you are selling and the name of the demo item.  The name must be exactly the same as the “Name” in the item’s “General” tab.   You can do that by right clicking on the item you are  selling and select “Edit.”  Look under the “General” tab and copy the “Name.” Then paste the name in the appropriate place in the script as indicated below.  (Or once you have your product listed the contents of the vendor poster, you can copy the name from the contents.)  Either way, by using copy and paste, you’ll be assured that the name is exactly the same.  Do that also for the demo Item.

4. Lastly, look in the “General” tab of the vendor poster and make sure that “TOUCH DEFAULT” IS turned on AND make sure that “FOR SALE” is NOT checked. This will save you several hours of heartache (Can you guess that I spent a day dealing with it…yikes, yes!) If you have any Pay settings turned on, the script will not work properly, so don’t forget to check these settings.

Note that if you need to provide a demo and additionally split the proceeds with a partner for all sales, there is another version of this script is available here.

I’ve set things up to make this really easy for you. I’ve created a generic vendor poster  with the script in place. All you need to do is add your own image to the poster. (In other words, you’ll be adding an image of the item that you are selling. )

Everything is full permissions.  The script is fully modifiable for making your own alterations.

The free package is available at my store.  I only ask for one small favor.  While you are at my store, I would be grateful if you added the store to your “Picks.”  (If you’ve never added a store to your picks, here how to do it in two illustrations:  Adding a Pick )

Stop by my store (Chimera’s Simple Elegance) for the free package that has all the proper settings and is ready to be used.  Look for the following display:


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