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Free Second Life Scripts: Hair Re-sizer

This free second life script is used to re-size hair.

My thanks to Brillant Scientist, Maestro Linden and Ann Otoole who put this script together and who have made it freely available to the Second Life community

The original coders created the script for general building purposes, but in this version of it, I have made a few small alterations for specifically using it with hair re-sizing.

One of those revisions includes checking to see if the hair is attached. If it’s not attached, land impact, particularly if toruses are used, will increase greatly.  If you are selling hair, this sudden increase in land impact can be confusing – and if not enough prims are available, the hair will be returned to the customer’s inventory.  To prevent that from happening, a message is triggered reminding the user to attach the hair first before using the script.

Additionally, changes that I made to script include more complete instructions on how to use the menu.

I also made adjustments so the maximum and minimum sizes on the menu to correspond to the largest and smallest head sizes available for an avatar in Second Life.

This script has several outstanding features, but one of the best is a menu choice which allows you to delete the script.  Hair scripts cause lag, and once you get the hair sized properly, you (or your customer) should delete the script.  The “delete” button makes that easy to do.

One piece of information that might save you some heartache down the road is to remember to re-set the script if you make any changes in the arrangement of hair strands.  This allows the script to re-calculate the position of the linked prims.

Once again, none of this would have been possible without the three individuals mentioned above who did the original coding and generously provided their work to all of us.

I’ve set things up to make this really easy for you. I’ve created a simple hair with the script in place.  This allows you to try it out and see whether it will be helpful to you.  Everything is full permissions.  The script is fully modifiable for making your own alterations.

The free package is available at my store.  I only ask for one small favor.  While you are at my store, I would be grateful if you added the store to your “Picks.”  (If you’ve never added a store to your picks, here how to do it in two illustrations:  Adding a Pick )

To obtain a copy, stop over at my store (Chimera’s Simple Elegance) and look for the following display:



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