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Vendor – Split Income With Partner (Version 3)

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Vendor – Split Income With Partner (Version 3)

This version of the Vendor script has been upgraded from Version 2.  I’m not discarding the Version 2 script, however, in case you like the way it picks up the price of the item for sales. I’ll explain that in a minute, but first let me explain what this script does.

This script is quite useful if you are selling items and you would like to split part of the revenues with a partner. For example, let’s say that a friend of yours allows you to put up some vendor signs in their dance club. In return, you agree to pay her or him 40% of the revenues that you collect. This script will allow you to do that.

Version 2 of this script does the same thing, but if differs on how you indicate the price.  In Version 2, the script will read the price from the “Description” of the item that you are selling.  More information is found in Version 2 but basically, you edit the item you are selling and format the “Description”  to read “Price$ Name-of-Item”.  For example, you might have 425$ Mesh Shirt.  The dollar sign ($) must be there for the script to work properly.

I found that method to be a bit time consuming, and I changed it in Version 3 so that you just enter the price of the item directly on the script (as described below).

I made a number of other improvements.  In this updated version, I’ve set up the “Pay” dialog box so that it only includes the price of the item.  In previous versions the customer could enter a lower or higher amount.  That’s confusing to the customer, and by providing only one choice (the actual amount you are charging for the item), it’s simpler and easier to  understand.

Additionally, I added a way for the script to check to make sure the UUID your partner has given you is valid, and if it is valid, it reports back with your partner’s name.  It’s provides you with assurance that your partner’s share of the revenues are going to the right person.

I want to recognize Nick Fortune who originally wrote this script.  If you see Nick in Second Life, give him your thanks.  The open and sharing environment of Second Life would not possible without the generosity of individuals like Nick.

How does this script work.  Let me run through the steps:

1. Using a “box” prim, flatten it out and make a poster.  I’ll call this the  “Vendor Poster.”  Add a texture which illustrates your product.  To the contents of the poster, add this script plus your product AND the demo of   your product.

2. Look in the “Contents” of the vendor poster, right-click on this script and select OPEN.  You’ll make a couple of modifications.  Look for  “Enter the price of Your Item” (below)  Change 111111 to the amount you are  charging for the product.

3. Two more values are required to appropriately pay your partner’s share. FIRST, you need to enter your partner’s UUID key.  Here’s a script on obtaining the UUDI.

4. And, SECONDLY, you need to enter the percentage of the total that you are paying your partner.  The default percentage is 50%.  You can make this whatever  you and your partner have mutually agreed upon.  Enter the value as a  decimal.  For example, if you are paying your partner 40%, enter the  value as .40

5. Save the script by clicking the “Save” button at the bottom of the script editor. When you save it, Second Life will trigger the following message:

“Warning. [Name of Your Vendor Poster] wants total access to your Linden Dollar account. If you allow access, it can remove funds at any time . . . Do not allow access if you do not fully understand why it wants access to your account.”

In order for this script to work properly and provide your partner with their share, you must click on the “ALLOW TOTAL ACCESS” button. What this means is that vendor poster that you have created can remove your partner’s share each time someone purchases the product. If you don’t allow access then your partner will never receive any money, and all of the money will end up going to you. Since it is the script in the vendor poster which is distributing the money – and not your partner or someone else – money is transfer only when you have a sale, and you do not have to worry about your account being emptied.

6. Look in the “General” tab of the vendor poster and make sure that “TOUCH DEFAULT” IS turned on AND make sure that “FOR SALE” is NOT checked. This will save you several hours of heartache (Can you guess that I spent a day dealing with it…yikes, yes!) If you have any Pay settings turned on, the script will not work properly, so don’t forget to check these settings

7. Just to make sure everything is ready, do a “Re-set” of the script. You can do that by opening the script and clicking on the “Reset” button. You’ll get the Allow Total Access message again as I described above. Be sure to click the “ALLOW TOTAL ACCESS” button or your partner will not receive his or her share of the sale.

I’ve set things up to make this really easy for you. I’ve created a generic vendor poster object with the script in place. All you need to do is add your own image to the poster. (In other words, you’ll be adding an image of the item that you are selling. ) The free package also includes an object which will give you the UUID of your partner.

Everything is full permissions.  The script is fully modifiable for making your own alterations.

The free package is available at my store.  I only ask for one small favor.  While you are at my store, I would be grateful if you added the store to your “Picks.”  (If you’ve never added a store to your picks, here how to do it in two illustrations:  Adding a Pick )

Stop by my store (Chimera’s Simple Elegance) for the free package that has all the proper settings and is ready to be used.  Look for the following display:


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