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Free Second Life Script: Determining Avatar Key (UUID)

This is a Second Life script.  It determines an Avatar’s key or UUID.  An UUID key is a unique number that all avatars are assigned.  It’s a helpful number to know.  For example, if you split revenues with a partner, the script you use will need your partner’s UUID.

Note that if your partner gives you their UUID and you want to check to make sure it is valid, see this script: Check Avatar UUID

I have free tool at my store with the script already ready to go.   It’s quite fun.  Rez it and touch it . . . and the Oracle will speak.  She’ll tell your UUID, but in a most interesting way.   Look for this poster:

You can easily do the same thing by copying the script below, rezzing an object and dropping the script in.

Note that I did not write the script.  You’ll find it freely available if you do a search around the web.  The only thing I did was to add some additional explanatory information at the beginning of the script.

Be sure to copy everything between the two lines.  Script follows . . .


//Original Code by Unknown
//Comments below added by Chimera Firecaster

//Purpose: This determines an Avatar's UUID Key, a unique identifier number.
//As a check, it also includes the Avatar's Name

//Use:  To use this, rez an object then drop this script into the object
//Re-set the script.  Then touch the object.
//Your avatar's name and UUID Key will appear in chat

//Note: this is a FREE script.  It is given generously to the Second Life
//   community without the expectation of anything in return. It may be
//   distributed, but please do not charge for it.  That's bad form and will
//   most certainly bring bad karma to those who dishonor the kindness of others.

string name;
string keey;

 touch_start(integer total_number)

 name = llDetectedName(0);
 keey = llDetectedKey(0);

 llSay(0, name + ", your UUID is: " + keey );
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