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Notecard Giver for Gift Packages

This is a simple, little script that you can place in a gift box.   When the recipient of the gift clicks on the box, a nice (and maybe even romantic!) notecard appears.  It’s a way to personalize the giving of gifts in Second Life.

To use this script, you need to prepare a notecard with your message.  Rez a box.  You’ll want to fix up the box a little, giving it a texture or color so it looks like a gift.  Place the item that you are giving in the box’s contents, along with the notecard and the script below.

The notecard is given to the recipient when he/she left clicks on the gift box.  They obtain the gift by right clicking, opening the box, and copying the contents to their inventory (the same procedure you follow upon buying something at a store).

When the recipient left clicks, in addition to the receiving the notecard, a message appears in chat.  You can change the message by making an alteration in the code where you see “CHANGE NOTE HERE.”

Be sure to copy everything between the two lines.  Script follows . . .


//Minor Contribution by Chimera Firecaster
//Based primarily on common code
//May, 2010
//Use: Include this script in the contents of a gift package.  Also include a notecard with
//     a message. You can say something like:  "Hi Sweetheart.  Here's a little special
//     something for you." Or something similar that expresses your sentiments.  In
//     the contents, also include whatever gift(s) you want to give.
//     When the recipient touches the package, a note appears in chat, and they
//     receive the notecard.  (You can change the note if you wish, see below)
//     To receive the contents, they follow the normal
//     procedure of right clicking, opening, and copying contents to their inventory
//Note: this is a FREE script.  It is given generously to the Second Life
//   community without the expectation of anything in return. It may be
//   distributed, but please do not charge for it.  That's bad form.  Besides, if
//   you dishonor the kindness of others, it will most certainly bring you bad karma.

//-----Do Not Remove Above Header

//To change the note, see CHANGE NOTE HERE


 touch_start(integer total_number) {

 //Change the note by adding your text between the quote marks (")
 llInstantMessage(llDetectedKey(0),"Hi " + llDetectedName(0) + ".  Something special for you!");





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