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Free Second Life Scripts

Scripts Index | Links to Other Script Resources

Script Index

Here are some Free Second Life Scripts that you might find handy:

Script Kits (Includes Prims and Scripts Put Together and Ready to Use)


Links to Other Resources

The following is an annotated list of links to other sources of information on Second Life scripts:


Second Life Script Portal – Start here for information on scripting.  Includes beginning tutorials, documentation on each of the events, functions, operators, constants, etc. which make up the scripting language.

Second Life Script Library – This is the official Second Life library of scripts.  All of the scripts are free, of course.

Second Life Scripting Forum (Current Discussions) – This is the place where scripting minds meet.  There are great discussions here on all aspects of scripting.  All levels of ability can participate.

Second Life Scripting Forum Archives – In early 2010 Second Life went to a new forum system, but for some odd reason, they didn’t transfer previous forum posts into the new system.  For scripting, the discussions that took place in the past are invaluable.  Fortunately, you can still access them from the link above.

Script Me – Auto Generating Script ToolThis is an interesting site.  You don’t need to know anything about coding.  It will generate the code for you.  You answer a few questions, click on a button, and presto, the code is created.  While it has limited range in what it can do, it’s still quite a remarkable and fun tool to use.

Alicia Stella Design Scripts – I’ve found Alicia Stella’s selection of scripts to be quite helpful to me.  Many of the scripts are oriented to Second Life businesses, but you’ll find a little bit of something for everyone.

Commerce Scripts – Jeff Heaton has short, but quite well documented page on how to collect money for items that you sell.  He takes you step-by-step in the development of a vendor script.

Jeff Barr’s Reading Elevator – Jeff Barr created a script for reading a vertical pile of pages.  Yes.  You heard that right.  It’s an elevator that goes up while the avatar reads one page at time.  What’s nice about the project is that Jeff provides a detailed explanation of each step in the process of creating the elevator.  If you are learning to script, you can pick up some good ideas here.

The Internet LSL Script Database & Library.  This is a huge script depository: 745 scripts at last count.  It is very much a great resource for Second Life scripting.

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