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Open Dress Shirt

Open Dress Shirt for Men

Men’s Dress Shirt for Second Life

This shirt, as you’ll notice, has several buttons undone at the top. It gives one the feeling that man wearing it is a working man – whether that work be physical — or in office — it’s all just the same. This a man who is getting things done.

More Information Below.  For additional details or to purchase, click here: SL Marketplace

I need to tell you a quick story. Some time ago, I went looking for a nice dress shirt for a good male friend of mine … and I looked and I looked and I looked. I looked everywhere, and I couldn’t find a nice looking, high quality shirt. So I decided to make one.

I soon found out why they are so rare in Second Life. My gosh, they aren’t easy to make! Oh sure, you can slap something together, but a shirt that looks nice really takes time to create. I spent quite a few hours making this shirt, and I think you’ll like the result.

Why a dress shirt? Because men look sharp. Think of Cary Grant in a “To Catch a Thief.” Moreover, even when at bit rumpled, you can look good, like Jack Lemmon in “The Apartment.” And, did I say sexy? Oh boy. Think of Michael Douglas in “Wall Street.”

In this package, you will receive the following items:

A total of eight (8) Shirts, including both shirt-tail-tucked AND shirt-tail-out versions of the shirt.

You’ll find two white shirts which can worn as is — or it can be used to make any color you desired. A notecard is included on how to change the color of your shirt.

You can make as many colors as you desire. In other words, from this one purchase you can make dozens of different colored tops! It’s quite a bargain. You get real value from your purchase.

Another reason that make this a wise purchase is that ALL items are COPY AND MODIFY. You don’t find that very often, particularly at this price.

For additional details or to purchase, click here: SL Marketplace

OR visit my store in Second Life

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