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Men’s Boxers

Men’s Boxers – Men’s Boxer Shorts for Second Life

Men… wear these boxers and you’ll be styl’n!

A total of eight (8) boxers are included in the package. But you can make up more colors if you desire.

More Information Below.  For additional details or to purchase, click here: SL Marketplace

You’ll find a grey color boxer which can worn as is — or it can be used to make different colors. A notecard is included on how to change the color.

Make as many colors as you want. There are no restrictions. In other words, from this one purchase you can make dozens of different colored tops! It’s quite a bargain. You get real value from your purchase.

Another reason that make this a wise purchase is that ALL items are COPY AND MODIFY. You don’t find that very often, particularly at this price.

These aren’t any ordinary Second Life boxers. If you look carefully, you’ll see that that I’ve put a lot of loving care into it. Details are important, and I spend many hours of time making sure that every last detail is done right.

There’s something else that’s important to me. I firmly believe that you should have complete freedom to be able to modify or make copies of your clothing. After all, you paid for it. All of my clothing allows you do that.

For additional details or to purchase, click here: SL Marketplace

OR visit my store in Second Life

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