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How to Add a Picture to Your Second Life Profile

Here’s some helpful information when posting a profile picture to your Second Life profile.  The directions on the official Second Life site are a little vague when it comes to profile pictures and this set of step-by-step illustrations might make things a bit easier.

First, you need an image.  You can take your own photo using the camera built into Second Life – or you can create an image in a graphics program.  Once you have an image, look for it in your inventory. Double-click on it so that you can see it in the viewer as shown below.  Once the image is showing, click on the “Save As” button  . . .



Save the image to a folder on your computer . . .



When you have saved the image, open up your profile . . .



When your profile is open, click on the “Edit Profile” button . . .



Then, click on “Profile Picture” . . .



You’re getting close.  Click on the “Choose File” button and select your image file (which you have saved to a folder on your computer) . .  .



Finally, click the “Upload” button.  This will bring the image into your profile.  Ta-da!  . . .



An alternative method . . .

Did the procedure work?  If not, there’s another method.  (I’ve run into at least one person that wasn’t able to load their image using the procedure above – and if you are faced with that problem, the following might just be your salvation.)

Start out the same.  Save the image to a folder on your computer.  Then go to and log-in with your avatar’s name and your usual password.  After you log-in, click on the “My SecondLife” link . . .



“My Second Life” will appear. and it’s here that you’ll be able to access your profile.  (Instead of accessing your profile in the Second Life viewer, this method allows you to access it right from your browser.)  Click on your avatar’s name . . .



Low and behold, your profile will appear.  It looks just like the profile that you see in the Second Life viewer.  Follow the same procedure as above, starting with clicking on the “Edit Profile” button . . .



From here on out, just follow the same steps as described and pictured above, starting with clicking on the “Edit Profile” button.

Once you get the image loaded in your profile, you can sit back and enjoy the end result.


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