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Hello Everyone.  Welcome to my website and blog about Second Life!

If you’re not familiar with Second Life, it’s a free 3D virtual world where users can socialize and connect – and just enjoy the 3D world – using text chat or voice.  I’m an avatar in Second Life and my name is Chimera Firecaster.  It is an amazing world.   Probably the best part of it is making friendships with people throughout world.   Oh, and I love to spread my wings and fly!

StoreWomenLeaningIs that really me in the picture? (“Hello my friend”) Or is it my avatar?  Somewhere on my website – or at my Second Life store, you may find out.

Mysteries aside, I want to thank you for visiting my site.  This website serves two purposes:

  • First, to fill you in on some exceptional clothing creations for women and men.  I’ve included links for Second Life users on how to obtain them.  You’ll see the links on the sidebar to the right or go to my catalog.
  • And, I also want to provide helpful information on creating in Second Life.  I spent a lot of time finding this information, and I wanted to assemble it all in one place to help out others.  (I’m working on this, but at the present I have several tutorials and an annotated list of resources).

I’d love to have you visit my virtual store in Second Life.  I actually have two stores.  If you’ve signed up for Second Life (it’s free), you can go to either my store by clicking on the following links:

Chimera’s Simple Elegance – This one I called “The Little Store.”  It’s an undies store.  I have all sorts of underwear for men and women.  It includes briefs, boxers, panties, thongs, nylons, hose, bras, sports bras, pajamas, body socks, and regular socks too!

Elegance & Style – This is my main store.  It has all of the items in the little store plus pants, shirts, blouses, skins, shoes, complete outfits, dance wear, and business and professional wear.

At my store, I have a number of free things.  I have some clothing items that are free.  I also have a low intensity face light.  Face lights lighten up the avatar’s face under low light conditions, but many lights that you get in Second Life are way too bright.  You might find this one a nice change.  Also, I have several free packages and tools for making clothing in Second Life.  Feel free to help yourself.

To start, let me tell you about my latest creations . . .

Viva Mesh Avatar.  My good friend Sundance Haiku spent nearly 3 years working a new and innovative mesh avatar.  It’s so good that I’m gradually re-working my mesh items to work with the new avatar.  I’ll let you know when they are ready.  Meanwhile, you should take a look at the Avatar.  She is called Viva and she is a beauty!

meshvneckminiblackMesh Dresses.  Beautiful dresses that look oh so sweet – and sexy!  One is pictured to the right.  This one I call the Molten Fury.  Look out if you wear this one!  Click on the link to see more.  Several of the dresses that I offer now have an optional sparkle feature.  You can adjust the amount of sparkle from subtle to showy depending on your preference.  And I have prepared dresses for different brands of avatars.

A Series of Skins.  Skins are what you apply to your avatar which make you look human-like.  Of course, you don’t have to be a human in Second Life.  You can be anything you want.  But it’s nice to be a human avatar for meeting friends, socializing, dancing under the stars, and all those fun human-to-human things.  To create these, I used a series of photographs of models, and, consequently, these skins really look life-like.  And they come in nearly every skin tone – over 27 different tones! – that you would find in real life.  Here’s a link to more information

Second Life: Amara Skin - Second Life's Finest SkinsMy most recent addition to the skin collection are two Super Packages:  Amara who has a lovely, warm skin tone –  and Asteria who has a wonderfully elegant, light brown tone.  Both of these packages have over 65 skins (yes! I’m not kidding – 65 skins!), plus make-up options, blush, different eye brows and eye lashes and a multitude of eye colors!

Women’s Business Suits.   This is a fashionable collection business and profession clothing called “A Woman of Substance Series.”  The name of the collection comes from a novel by Barbara Taylor Bradford, the story of woman reaching for her dreams of fame and fortune.  It’s also a cautionary tale of not losing sight of those that are important in one’s life while pursuing dreams.  You’ll see that clothing fits perfectly in mode and theme of women of substance.

The business suit collections are just one small part of my Second Life offering.  I have a beginning collection of men’s clothing including skins.  In the women’s clothing area, I have a good selection of Shirts, Blouses, Pants & Shorts | Shoes & Socks | Skirts, Dresses & Complete Outfits | Women’s Intimates | Women’s Skins

Dance.  I love dance and this does more to express my philosophy about dance than any other.


chimera_relaxStill curious?  This picture could be me too:  my avatar, my alter ego, my chimera.  And I’m kick’n back.

Oh it’s fun.  Loads of fun.

Second Life … it’s world where reality and fantasy join hands.

If you haven’t tried Second Life  – you must check it out.  And when you do, please stop by and say hello!


Enjoy my website, and all good things to you!

Chimera Firecaster





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